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In the Studio Again!

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Hey guys, just an update that I will be going into the studio again next week to lay down some more vocal tracks for another song that is going on the EP. I'm so excited, I love working with great musicians and engineers.

Chris Rosser - Producer, Engineer, Multi talented musician and owner of Hollow Reed Studio in Asheville, NC is engineering most of this new EP and he has contributed some of the instrumental parts of these tracks on it also. Check him out!

He's been a friend for a long time and we have jammed & recorded together in the past and have many mutual musician friends in the Asheville area.

Chris is playing guitar on some of the songs, and its so beautiful i can't wait for you guys to hear it!

Making my new EP ("Mini" album) has been a great experience, So happy to go into the studio again, step by step i'm getting closer to putting the final touches on it and then I can send to get mixed and mastered, and then pressed up and available for you all to Download or buy a CD.

The process is long but I'm having so much fun and it feels amazing to make my own music.

Stay tuned people! I've got lots more to come! Love, Robbie

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